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About Our Organization


Our company has been established in 1989 to process, pack and trade dried fruits and nuts, from Turkey to the world markets.


Since our company's founded, we have always been trying to improve our product and service quality, for providing the “BEST” to our customers. Therefore, we have improved our quality and our product line with expanded new products. As of today, besides local dried fruits and nuts, we also serve other special agro-food products such as sundried tomato and by-products of sundried tomato, tomato and basil based pasta sauces, infused dried fruits, and many other products as you can see the details within our products lines for the following pages.


We work closely with customers' development departments to meet their particular needs. We also do private labels, so we process and pack our products under customer's name and brand when required.


We pack our products in bulk and retail size as well, per our customers' demands and requirements.


We’re proud to be one of the customer oriented company in our area and made our customers happy with our eminent product and service quality.


All our products are being processed and packed under ISO 22000 QA system and HACCP principles, at all our production facilities.